Short journey in space, long journey in time.

Piazza Duomo 23, ticket office of Orvieto Underground - the beginning of a journey back in time. Your guide leads the way, a five-minute walk, to the entrance of the grottos and tunnels that riddle the cliff of Orvieto. Once you cross the threshold and enter this world of the past, easily accessible and well lit, you’re no longer in the year 2012 but begin your journey back in time. Your guide, like Dante’s Virgil, tells you what was here thousands of years ago, when oceans and great forests covered the plain before volcanoes spewed detritus and lava that covered everything. Eventually the butte on which the city now stands was formed and settled. It is here, in the Underground , that you can still find clues to what life, with the Etruscans was like six hundred years before Christ, and in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and finally the nineteen hundreds. So suspend disbelief, leave the twenty-first century behind and become a traveler in time.

duration: about 45 minutes